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January 5. A Fast Start, IRS Extending Filing Deadline and Good Faith Transition Relief, Register Now: HR Smart, Increased Fines and Penalties, Interesting Wage and Hour Cases, Give Yourself a Christmas Present, Articles of Interest

January 12. Tax Law Changes. Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. A Word About Business Property Taxes. Don't Forget: HR Smart, Focus on Your Business in 2018, Articles of Interest

January 19. Labor Market Impact, Texas Workforce Commission Resources, Unpaid Internships Are Back, Upcoming Training Classes, Articles of Interest

January 26. TGIF? Application for DACA Renewals Resume, It's That Time of Year Again, Upcoming Training Classes, Articles of Interest

February 2. Don't Say "No", Summer Interens, It's That Time of Year Again, Alert Your Employees, W-4s, Articles of Interest

February 9. Overcommit Much?, EEO-1 Survey Opens, One Million Cups Next Week, Articles of Interest

February 16. A Good Week!, Wage-Fixing and Non-Poaching Agreements, Multi-State Employer?, Employer Credit for Paid Leave, Love Contracts?, Disability Plans, Articles of Interest

February 23. Spring in Texas!, Austin Paid Sick Leave, March Training, I See This as a Problem, Articles of Interest

March 2. Civics?, Collect Biometric Information?, March Training, New W-4 Released, Articles of Interest | privacy notice