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Most organizations are turning to teams as their preferred work model, but our culture and work processes reward and support individual success, which can obstruct the success of teams.

Venture HRO LLC has a variety of services designed to support your business goals, starting with determining the appropriate HR strategy and processes.

Organizational development includes training and development, but also coaching for skills. Venture HRO has training and coaching programs for all levels of the organzation, but our primary focus is at the first line supervisor level, the place where organizations can leverage training and development best. Venture HRO LLC has programs focused on manager training and development.

We can also help your people manage conflict better and we can help mediate workplace conflict before it turns into expensive litigation.

Additional ways Venture HRO LLC can help are:

  • fostering team development;
  • working with organizations to create and sustain an organizational culture that supports success;
  • facilitating strategic planning and process teams;
  • and helping to align HR policies and practices that promote the organization's objectives instead of setting up a roadblock;
  • planning for leadership growth/succession planning | privacy notice